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Wake Up & Be Your Own Hero!

Wake Up & Be Your Own Hero! is not just another self-help book. It is a personal account of my spiritual journey that began with a struggle against Lyme disease. In this book, I share my experiences and lessons learned, to help you create your own path towards spiritual awakening and healing. The book is an honest and raw exploration of the shadow self, filled with insights and tools to help you become the hero of your own life. 

If you are going through a spiritual awakening, chronic illness, relationship issues, facing any form of trauma, or would like to receive general guidance in life, this book will assist you in any stage that you are in!

Lyme Disease was truly a blessing in disguise. I was suffering from addiction, self-worth issues, uncontrolled psychic & empathic sensitives, unhealthy relationships, and was completely asleep to the truths of the world. This experience stripped my life of everything that deemed toxic or not aligned with my soul and forced its removal. Even though it may have been the most intense physical pain that I endured in my life, the truth is the illness saved me from myself! I am over 40 years old now and in the best physical, mental, and spiritual shape than I have ever been in. 

The book presents the opportunity for self reflection through journal entries. Each chapter has different questions to allow self-reflection.

If you are ready to dive into your shadows, and see what parts of you require some more love in order to live your best life, you can purchase the book online, here.

I am sending you much love and healing vibes on your journey.

Remember, you are always loved and you are not alone!

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