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My name is Jamey Duffy and I am a Medium, Reader, and Energy Healer.  My spiritual awakening began during a self-healing journey resulting from Lyme Disease. The awakening & healing techniques rid the illness and opened up an array of psychic-abilities. My path has led me to assisting people in their darkest moments to result in finding their own light. 

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The following list of services can be combined in one session. Please reach out to me with any questions!


Experience the transformative power of Reiki Energy Healing and intuitive guidance with me! I specialize in balancing and aligning chakras and unlocking blocked energy in the body. My clients leave feeling lighter and more connected, with clear guidance on their path ahead thanks to the channeled messages that come through during the session! 

$75 per hour

Quantum Energy Healing

If you're experiencing physical pain or emotional blockages, my Quantum Energy Healing Services can help guide you to a more balanced state. I use specialized techniques to gently release stuck emotions and trauma, making it easier to move on and achieve a better flow of energy. My healing sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs and can be combined with Reiki healing for an even more powerful experience.

$50 - 45 minutes

Tarot/Oracle Card Intuitive Reading

Are you seeking guidance and clarity in your life? My Tarot/Oracle Reading service is here to help. With my intuitive reading approach, I will assist you in finding answers to your questions and lead you on the right path. Don't let uncertainties hold you back in life – book a reading with me today!

$75 per hour

*Available for Party Bookings* 

$300 for 4 hours


Say goodbye to any unwanted energy attachments with this Entity Removal service. Are you feeling drained no matter how much you sleep or have a sense of someone watching you? These could be possible signs of an entity attachment, but I am here to help. This service will remove any demonic energy, entity, portals, or implants that may be connected within your energy field. Let me help you feel lighter and more at peace today!

$75 per session



During these ceremonies, we call in the four directions of the shamanic archetypes and create a sacred space. The session begins by setting an intention to what you wish to surface and clear. My physical body becomes a vessel, merging with your energy, and transmutes all heavy energy that needs to be released. I also channel your subconscious, guides, and passed on loved ones if they arise. This is not a normal "channeling" session but more so a trance channeling where messages are delivered through me to you by you. Please reach out for more details. It can take up to 6 hours to complete. Limited to 2 openings a month.

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