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Welcome to Divine Incarnations...

Embark on the journey of self-discovery and healing with Divine Incarnations. Allow me, Jamey Duffy, to be your guide as you explore your inner depths and unlock your true potential. Together, we can work to create a life of joy, peace, and abundance.

Jamey's Services:

Quantum Energy Healing

Quantum Energy Healing is an innovative form of Spiritual Healing that helps individuals move stuck energy that could be contributing to mental or physical illness. This transformational practice can be done in-person or via video, giving anyone the opportunity to access its deep healing benefits.

The Dark Room

Shadow Work Sessions

Shadow Work at The Dark Room is a spiritual healing that invites you to explore the unexplored depths of the subconscious mind and unconscious soul. By offering a safe and judgement-free environment, Shadow Work empowers you to take steps towards freeing yourself of deep-seated emotional and psychological blocks, ultimately leading to a balanced and harmonious life.

Mediumship Readings

When looking for spiritual healing, Mediumship Readings offers a unique service that will help you connect with a passed on loved one. Using my special ability to be a conduit between the spiritual realm and you, I can provide you with invaluable messages from the other side.

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